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Jigsaw spaces is a recently developed concept of providing excellent co-working conditions for the various working cultures ranging from freelancers to teachers and from artists to stock brokers.Every jigsaw puzzle gets completed with the law of nature so also every spatial need will be fulfilled in the ambit of Jigsaw spaces. We want you to achieve your respective goals with the help of our services."Happiness is only real when shared." We would love to spread such happiness.

Co Working

Co-working is the needed solution to the problems related with space. In the jugglery of expenses huge potential of freelancers, knowledge workers, commuters goes in vain because of spatial problems. Co-working provides an intelligent solution. I believe that Co-working is the future of work because in this arena of possibilities people with creative zeal will have to groom their own universe without relying on their HR managers. The term Co-Working goes parallel with creativity and hence it's luring for the passionate mind to try this working culture instead of typical office cubicle with sucking philosophy. So while people are googling 'Co-Working' we have developed a space which have marrow of passion and spine of creativity. Welcome to the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Co-working space is plug n play shared office space suitable for any occupation ranging from a freelancing to art. Here people not only come and share office space with other co-workers but form a community having own set of rules and agenda. Basically, it's Cool!
This co-working space is designed to help you kickstart your operations instantly. You get various services without hesitation to suit your nature of work.
Absolutely. Here you can have flexibility in all aspects from bookings to timings.So just relax and start your work immediately.
Flexible cost structure is available as per your requirement. Contact Us for any further enquiry.
You just need to be a member at jigsaw to have your space. After payment you can operate any time according to your booking.
You get power back up, air conditioning, internet, tea-coffee and water and Printing facilities and reception support. **(services may be chargeable or may vary according to booking)
You can book for a single hour to as many months as you need.
No, the day you start is the beginning of your month. No need to wait, come on in.
No. Jigsaw is Membership-based only, so no leases are required. Members are required to sign a Membership Agreement based on the type of solution they select.
Yes! We love inviting friends to join our community. For The details of our Member Referral Program drop a mail on jigsawspune@gmail.com
We have a shared laser printer (Print scan copier) you’re welcome to use. You’re allowed unlimited printing with your membership, but there have been some people in the past that have abused this, so please keep “unlimited” within reason. If you want to use it beyond the usual range (that we can afford!!) just contribute a little to make this easier.